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Witness the rise to grace of the goddess Vilara

Come, DRAG yourself out of bed and come to the Cla-zel theater for some good "Queen" fun. This saturday, April 17, 2004 local performer and artist Vilara will be on stage for her first night "out." She will be performing the pre-show to the Rocky-Horror picture show. Her performance starts around 11:30. It is $6 admission fee and do bring extra for tips for the performer. It is complimentary to give the performer dollar bills in any amount before, after, or during the performance. Popcorn, Sodas, and candy will also be on sale at the consecion stand. So come out. Enjoy the nightlife and have a life for a change.

For direction to the Cla-zel in Bowling Green go to the link below.

"Formal dress is to be optional" - quote from The Rocky-Horror Picture Show.

P.S. the more people that show the more I get paid
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